The “baby boomer” generation has reinvented tradition and the post-funeral landscape has changed. Celebrating a loved one’s memory is no longer just about writing an obituary or holding a service;  and traditional services of days past may no longer reflect on how your loved one  lived their life, or accurately express how they would like to be remembered.

Our clients, family members or friends of the deceased, come to us wanting to mark the passing of their loved one in a joyful, unique and meaningful way. Whether it is a memorial, celebration of life, or a fabulous farewell, these gatherings are typically held apart from your traditional funeral services and religious ceremonies. Often involving dozens or hundreds of guests, these special events can be held weeks or even months after the loved one has passed!

Concierge services are an alternative to traditional funeral pre-planning. Final Moments helps families register their wishes and assists in making post-funeral arrangements. A major advantage of our service is procuring the advice of unbiased professionals, who not only help our clients find the best prices and services, but also manage each detail, down the color of the flower arrangements. Final Moments Concierge Services is not a funeral home. As a customer-service oriented business, we pair suggestions and solutions with exceptional follow-through to help families make informed decisions and flawless arrangements.