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“Life is a journey that is all about in between the dash, and many great stories.” Did you know long before the worldwide pandemic the landscape has changed when it comes to the loss and farewell arrangements of your loved ones? Yes, you’re no longer at the mercy of one Funeral Home Provider, you do have other options to help save you money during this most emotional difficult time.

Final Moments Concierge compassioned, professional advisors provide aide to individuals by ensuring their final wishes, and maybe even leaving a legacy behind for your loss loved one. We are not Funeral Home Providers, However, we can and do provide cost effective referrals if requested by our clients.

We are here to provide an extraordinary memorial experience so that you can care for those most critical matters at hand and grief your loss with peace of mind.



Beverly Roach

Final Moments Concierge Services LLC is led by its founder, Beverly J. Roach, who has a passion for her company and the services it provides. Beverly’s first encounter with the loss of a loved one began with her husband, some years ago at the age of thirty-three, leaving her alone to parent three young children. Several years later, she had to deal with the loss of other family members, her mother, sister, significant other, and more recently her ninety-five-year-old father. Reflecting back over the years on her own situation, Beverly began recognizing the need for a reliable trusted resource for those dealing with a similar situation, of a loved one making their final transition in life. In addition, coupled with Beverly’s employment career as a State of Ohio, licensed health insurance agent, which has served as a platform and the driving force for Beverly’s entrepreneur spirit. After becoming the Executrix of a prominent Greater Cleveland, Ohio, physician’s estate, Beverly recognized her calling, and founded, Final Moments Concierge Services in 2015.  Now with over twenty years of experience as a healthcare insurance, Benefit Consultant. Beverly has earned and developed a reputation as being an in-depth knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate Consultant, for her customer base as a post-funeral service provider. Beverly’s compassion extends out into her community, as she sits on the board of trustees, with Cleveland Sight Center; she holds a membership with the City of Beachwood Chamber, MBE Certified, and a membership with the National Association of Professional Women. Ms. Roach is a graduate of Ashford University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Marketing & Communication with a Minor in Healthcare Administration.



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